About Jayden James

Jayden James cheering at a football game
Jayden James cheering at a football game at Drake University

During The School Year

My name is Jayden James, and I am currently a Sophomore at Drake University studying an Advertising major and a Graphic Design minor. During the school year I am on the Drake Cheer team and I cheer during football and basketball season which is almost year round during the school year. The time I spend outside of classes is usually spent hanging with friends, listening to music, or I go out and I thrift clothes. In classes I take many classes on how to work many programs relating to my Graphic Design minor, like Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, and even programs that let me create and edit a website using HTML and CSS. To see more of my skills check out my skills page!

During The Summer

Over the summer I work at an amusement park in Shakopee Minnesota called Valleyfair. At Valleyfair I work in the games department setting up games and explaining rules to people who want to play. I also work at Planet Spirit which is a cheer gym in Golden Valley. When working I am usually in charge of teaching tumbling classes where I help improve the technique of the tumbling of that class. I currently coach a team called Boltz, which is a youth level 1 team. In the middle of all of this I also help run summer camps that we offer where we host and teach a mini routine for a group of kids in different areas every week. When I am not working over the summer I usually am either dragging family on different outings like thrifting around the cities, garage sales, or long boarding. If I am not out with family I am either at home playing games or at Planet Spirit hanging out and talking there.

During Free Time

  • Listening To Music
  • Thrift Shopping
  • Hanging With Friends
  • Helping At Planet Spirit


Music is a big part of me as almost any time I am out and about or doing anything I am probably listening to music. I listen to almost any genre of music and because of that I have many playlists. Some of my top genres are pop, R&B, Latin, Dance, Rap, Chill, Classic Rock, and Nostalgia. I always am looking for more music recommendations or artists to check out. I am the type of person to have one song on repeat for a while especially when doing work. I do like to shuffle thorough all of the music I have in my liked as well on occasion.