Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Is My Most Listened To Artist

Usually when listening to music on Spotify I listen to a variety or using the new Spotify DJ feature I get a lot of new music that I haven’t listened to before. But I do get one artist very often and that is Bruno Mars. This may be because I listen to him almost everyday at some point but also the algorithm of the new DJ also now suggest him to me. I am fairly sure that since last year I didn’t even listen to my top artist this much, that Bruno Mars will now be my new 2023 top listened to artist.

Why Bruno?

Because there are many songs with many different vibes that are able to fit a variety of emotions. Also in one of my friend groups we are able to quote different parts of each of his songs and it just turns into talking in “Bruneese”. But also I am a person who always has lots of new songs being listened to on repeat. That doest help with the algorithm of my Spotify though because if I listen to one person too much then it will get overly recommended. Bruno also makes a lot of his concerts so fun and entertaining, and it helps because he can entertain people so naturally that it helps flow the concerts. He also always changes songs for the concerts and sometimes has guests. You might even hear him change languages depending on where he’s performing at.

Favorite Style or Era?

As of right now my favorite album is Unorthodox Jukebox specifically the songs Gorilla and Moonshine. After that my other favorite album is 24K Magic because of the songs Versace on the Floor, Straight up & Down, Calling All My Lovelies, 24K Magic, and Finesse. It’s funny because that is the majority of the album only leaving out 2 or 3 songs. A lot of these songs have different styles from slow and emotional to fast paced and dance. That’s what I like about a lot of them because theres almost always a song to listen to depending on what you want to listen to. I also like how when Bruno performs live theres always new parts to the songs or extended parts and even dance breaks that really change up the vibe of the song. It could be a slower song but have a new part that’s more energetic with some dance moves or fancy vocal work and it can change the vibe of the entire song.