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MVC Tournaments

Last week the Drake Mens Basketball team was able to attend the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament in St. Louis Missouri. The first game against Murray State University was close at first, but after half time the Bulldogs pulled ahead towards victory. The second game and pre championship was against the Southern Illinois University Salukis. In this game the pace was much faster and it wasn’t nearly as close as the first match against Murray State. The final match up for the championship was set against Bradley University, which was a tricky match. Drake had played Bradley twice before the first time winning, and the second losing. Both of those games were very close in score to each other. Drake definitely came out punching as we were in the lead from the first half. We started the second half leading by almost 30 points. Even though the atmosphere may have been weighted more towards Bradley, the Bulldogs won with a 26 point lead.

Members of the Drake Bulldogs team celebrate winning the the Missouri Valley Conference’s “Arch Madness” championship against the Bradley Braves and punching their ticket to the national March Madness tournament on Sunday, March 5, 2023, at the Enterprise Center.

Upcoming is the Women’s tournament starting March 10th. The matches leading up to the tourney has been good for the women’s team as the last game against the Southern Illinois University Salukis ended in a Bulldog victory. This victory earned the Bulldogs the 4th seat in the tournament. The opposing teams have yet to be decided. This tournament will take place in Moline, Illinois where it has been taking place since this tournament has been created. This tournament could have an interesting start as we could off the bat play against either Bradley or Missouri State. Since we are the 4th seed we start out right before the semi final games.

March Madness

Since Drake has earned a ticket to March Madness this upcoming Sunday will be something to tune into to find out who we will be playing and where. A theory is that since we beat Bradley and they were projected as the 12th seat, that we will replace their spot. Some possible locations for this seat include Albany, New York and Orlando, Florida. Some of the teams included in March Madness are Utah State, UCLA, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Penn State, Duke, and Iowa State.

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