End Of Drake Basketball Season

Drake At March Madness

Drake had an interesting end to its long Basketball season. The Women’s team had swept all of their games at Hoops in the Heartlands giving them a bid to March Madness. Both the men’s and women’s team had gotten to this level. This is big for Drake as it’s the first time in 15 years that the men’s team has made it to March Madness, but also the first time in history that both teams have made it at the same time. Following the MVC tournaments the men’s team was matched against University of Miami in Albany, NY. University of Miami was the 5th seed compared to our 12th seed. The women’s team was matched fairly similar against the Louisville Cardinals in Austin, TX. Coincidentally the Cardinals were also the 5th seed and Drake the 12th. The game against the University of Miami was a close game as the Bulldogs were ahead for most of the game by about 3 points. In the end Drake lost to the University of Miami Ibis’ due to multiple fouls in the last couple minutes of the game. The women’s game started out very similar to the men’s in which they were ahead most of the game. The game also ended like the men’s game due to fouls in the last minute that gave Louisville the win. Even though Drake didn’t make it past the first round in March Madness, its still an amazing accomplishment that we made it that far and was able to put up such good fights against the number five seeds. Marty Martin has made it clear how proud the University is of the accomplishments of these athletes, and the work they have put in all season.

After The Season

Following the March Madness games, Okay Djamgouz has posted that he has joined the transfer portal for the next two years of his eligible play time. Along with losing Roman Penn, D.J. Wilkins, and Sardaar Calhoun because of graduation things could be a little rocky for the starting line up and next season. Another thing that has been going around is the Darian DeVries the head coach might relocate to the Iowa Hawkeyes or Notre Dame. If Drake did lose Darian there is a strong possibility that he would take his son Tucker DeVries with him. This would be a big hit towards Drake but it is not confirmed yet what the plane for next year is looking like.