Upcoming in Drake Athletics

Seasons End and Seasons Begin

We’re at that point in the year where teams start to end their season and some start up again. Even though some teams might work out or lift their main season might still be over. This includes sports like Basketball and Cheerleading where they are more during the year but still practice. Other teams that practice a lot throughout the year are the Tennis, Soccer, Golf, and Rowing. Rowing especially practices a lot as they have a longer season. One sport that’s starting up again is the Football team. The original season ended in first semester, but in the mean time they still had lifting to attend. Now practice seems to be starting up again with them also hosting an event looking for graduates interested in Drake Football. Track and Field has meets most of the year and travels as well as has practice often. This is only the start for the Track and Field team though.

Drake Relays

An extremely big event is also approaching, and its Drake Relays. Relays is a huge part of the Drake experience and there’s good reasons why. Each year there is an overall theme that everything follows. The theme along with the relays artist who will perform a mini concert is revealed a couple weeks in advance by Drake SAB. Some past relays artists include Jason Derulo and Bryce Vine. Some past themes include “Glow Together ” and “Fast Forward”. During relays of course the main event is the massive track and field meet. There are other things during relays however with lots of events on campus all week long including various activities in and by Olmsted, raffles, a giant paint fight, painted street, paint it black, and road races. Painted street is a gathering of student organizations who will use the theme of the year and paint a square involving their organization and the theme. Paint it black usually happens on the same day as painted street, but differs because it’s more about representation on campus. Something else you can see during relays are food trucks and as said before the relays concert. This year the relays artist is Bea Miller who has appeared in Toy Story 3 and Wonder Pets, and has performed at Lollapalooza, Firefly Festival, and Voodoo Music Fest. The current theme for this year is “Making Waves”. I look forward to seeing what events Drake SAB has for the students this year during relays week.